what does Pareto’s law say in simple terms? The theory of the 20 by 80 rule. Examples of applying the method in life

Recently, in psychology, in economics, in the field of self-development, as well as in other areas of human life, the Pareto law has gained great popularity. This rule allows a person to spend a minimum amount of effort, but get the maximum result. At the same time, this formula works both in the forward and […]

How to express your thoughts correctly?

The effectiveness of communication with relatives and strangers depends on the correct formulation of one’s own arguments. The ability to correctly express one’s thoughts enables a person to establish and maintain good relations with others, to achieve success in a wide variety of areas. The outcome of a business meeting often depends on the level […]

How to change your thinking? Changing thoughts and ways of thinking through the conscious or subconscious, techniques from psychology

A person should always be positive. Unfortunately, this does not always work out. In most cases, people cannot overcome the problems that are happening around them on a subconscious level. This phenomenon significantly spoils the quality of life and affects mood. And a lot depends on the mood, first of all — success in everything. […]

the main properties of thought and correct thinking in psychology, Does purposefulness belong to the properties?

What is «good» and what is «bad»? The answer to these questions is not always obvious, everyone has their own view of a particular event. It all depends on the type of thinking of each person. We will talk about thinking in this material. What is thinking? The way a person perceives reality depends on […]

what it is? How can a person build it? Methodology for building family goals and self-realization

Raising a son, building a house and planting a tree is a list of life goals that everyone knows. Today we will try to fulfill the third point. And not in the direct sense of it. Let’s create a goal tree. Ideally, in the future it will help to solve both the first two tasks […]

How to learn to read quickly? Techniques for fast reading books. How to remember what you read? Fast reading with a high level of memorization. Best practices

Reading is the greatest ability, a complex psychological process, 100% mental work. From the outside, this may seem easy, but if you look at how difficult reading lessons are for kids, how hard it is for a person to master a skill after suffering injuries and brain disorders, it becomes clear that this is a […]

a list of things that need to be done before the age of 18 and 30 for girls and guys

Each of us at least once made a list before going to the store or made a list of things that need to be put in a suitcase before traveling. Agree, it works. After sorting out the bag of groceries, we do not return to the store because we forgot to buy salt, but immediately […]

summary of the first, second and third laws. The Essence of Mrs. Parkinson’s Law

As you know, ignorance of the laws does not exempt from responsibility, but studying them helps make life easier, protects the business from unlawful outside interference, protects the family from unnecessary problems, and helps save money. Moreover, we are talking not only about those laws that are spelled out in the constitution of a particular […]

what it is? Principles of teaching speed reading, the benefits and harms of the skill, description of classes

Time is one of the most important resources in the modern rhythm of life. More than once we have heard from someone from our environment that there is a catastrophic lack of time, and we ourselves constantly feel this. Speed ​​reading skills will help you deal with a colossal flow of all kinds of information […]

what is it and how to use it? Mark Levy’s rules for problem solving, the benefits and harms of the method

Recently, freewriting has been gaining momentum — free writing method. It opens up ample opportunities for personal development and for the implementation of daily activities. This article will tell you what is behind this foreign word and how to use this method. What it is? If you did not miss English lessons at school, then […]