How the psychological phenomenon of «flow» helps to be happy

Since the end of the last century, the concept of flow, or optimal experience, proposed by the American positivist psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, has become popular in Western culture. According to the concept, a person will feel his life full and happy if he learns to control his consciousness. With a focus on what is important […]

5 aesthetic publics on VKontakte for inspiration

In cloudy weather, it seems that there is not enough beauty around, and therefore, inspiration. Therefore, today we are talking about five aesthetic publics on the VKontakte social network that will fill the need for beauty. Subscribe! TOUCH CATCHING Well, a very cozy public, photos from which will please the eye even in the worst […]

Love is…: young couples talk about modern love, relationships in quarantine and dream about the future

February is the month of love. And the point is not only on February 14, but also in the fact that in the last harsh month of winter, you especially want to bathe in love and share it with the whole world. BURO. talked to young lovers about their understanding of this feeling, changes in […]

5 publics on VKontakte for those who study

For many, autumn is not only about yellow foliage, oversized sweaters and pumpkin lattes, but also about the start of the school year. Therefore, today we are talking about 5 useful publics on the VKontakte social network, which will be appreciated by schoolchildren, students and even some teachers. Subscribe! «[НАУЧПОК]» The YouTube channel of the […]

Work, create, take care of health and engage in self-development at the same time? It’s possible and it’s the biggest wellness trend of 2021

T We will not talk about burnout, stress and fatigue once again. But to answer the difficult question — how to find time to reboot, combining work, projects and study — let’s try. About a new kind of sabbatical that allows you to maintain a balance between the desire for well-being and the need to […]

Will the phone help you cope with anxiety and stress? Yes, if it has these applications

Every day we are attacked by more and more negative news. Under such conditions, we are more chained to our phones than in the best of times, and we try to find solace in them. Surprisingly, a smartphone can positively influence sleep, mood, and mental health. Headspace, for example, paved the way for mindfulness apps, […]

Time pressure, authority and banal attractiveness: what should we learn from famous swindlers

T Man has learned to manipulate, perhaps even before he can speak. We use tactics of suggestion from childhood to gain someone else’s trust, defend personal boundaries, or prove the significance of our ideas. And some make the art of persuasion their way of life. In the footsteps of the new documentary series «The Adventurers», […]

5 educational publics on VKontakte worth following

Summer is an ideal time for self-education and gaining new knowledge. Today we are talking about five informative publics that are on the VKontakte social network. Subscribe! ARZAMAS Arzamas is a magazine dedicated to the history of culture and art. He has not only a website, but also a community on VKontakte, where the creators […]