summary of the first, second and third laws. The Essence of Mrs. Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson's laws: a summary

As you know, ignorance of the laws does not exempt from responsibility, but studying them helps make life easier, protects the business from unlawful outside interference, protects the family from unnecessary problems, and helps save money.

Moreover, we are talking not only about those laws that are spelled out in the constitution of a particular state, or the laws of physics, which, if used skillfully, can also be useful in the economy. Today we will talk about Parkinson’s laws.


First, let’s get to know their author. Cyril Northcote Parkinson was born at the beginning of the last century in an English family. His parents were creative people: his mother gave music lessons, his father was a painter. And their son in his youth became interested in history. He graduated from Cambridge College, first received a master’s degree, and then a Ph.D. No wonder that Cyril Parkinson was a very observant person, he traveled a lot. He shared his observations with students at lectures both in his native England and abroad.

From 1950, for 8 years, he was a professor at the University of Malaya in Singapore. At the same time, he published his laws, collecting them in a book, which he called «Parkinson’s Laws». However, by this time, some of his countrymen had already managed to get acquainted with the works of Parkinson. Initially, the chapters of his future book were published in the British magazine The Economist. And there they were published in a satirical column.

A little time passed, and it became clear to everyone — this is not funny just because it really works.

Basic Laws

There was no more humor in Parkinson’s laws than completely serious judgments on the topic of the formation of bureaucracies, the organization of a successful business, the creation of a successful family. In the same place it was possible to obtain relevant information for everyone, namely: how to save on electricity, how to overpay taxes to the state. As a result, by the middle of the last century, Parkinson’s book became a real bestseller and still remains a reference book not only for the heads of large companies, high-ranking officials, but also for some housewives around the world.

In fact, the professor’s conclusions are universal for any sector of the economy and each social stratum of the population. In them, one can find arguments about the growth in the number of managers and the answer to the question why power and money literally go into someone’s hands, while others cannot succeed in any way. To understand that the book of an Englishman is a work for all time, it is enough to familiarize yourself with its summary. Among other things, the observant Briton even created the retirement age law. On a topic that became relevant for Russians in 2018, a scientist from Britain said that any worker begins to lose his grip 3 years before reaching retirement age, no matter what this age is. But let’s get acquainted with the observations that have become laws, in order.

The first

Cyril Parkinson formulated his first law as follows: the volume of any work will always increase in order to fill the time allotted for its implementation. Otherwise it sounds like this: work in any case will take all the time that is allocated to it. For example, if a student knows that his term paper should be ready by September, then in 99% of cases out of 100 he will finish it at best on August 31st. Although, if desired, I could do it much faster. But in the vast majority of cases, a person puts off until tomorrow what can be done today. The same applies to the conduct of work.

Well, what worker, knowing that his task must be completed by a certain date, will rush to complete it, unless, of course, he is promised a big bonus for this, or his name is not Stakhanov. The same applies to officials. But there the situation develops even more paradoxically. Their number is constantly growing, according to Parkinson’s observations, at least 5% per year. And this is not because they have more work to do, it’s just that in the bureaucratic apparatus they not only drag it to the last, but also try to shift part of it to someone else.

In addition, the Briton came to the conclusion that almost all those in power or who consider themselves to be in power certainly want to expand the staff of their subordinates. Agree, this is typical not only for officials from foggy Albion. Look at how our authorities operate.


Parkinson’s second law speaks to our needs and abilities. According to the observation of the Englishman, the first never go separately from the second. That is The more a person earns, the more he spends. Expenses always rise as income increases. Hence the well-known postulate that there is never too much money. And this applies not only to the personal budget of everyone, but also to business planning. The same rule applies to the state treasury. The higher the standard of living of the population in a particular country, the higher the taxes there.

Often they increase in connection with the growing needs of the authorities. And this, we recall, was noticed even more than half a century ago.


Parkinson’s Third Law reminds us to say «stop» sometimes. The Englishman, having studied the experience of different companies, great ancient civilizations, finally came to the conclusion that any development leads to complication and, as a result, “buries” what was created earlier.

You need to understand that the limit to perfection, contrary to popular belief, still exists. A rose cannot be more red than it was brought out by a talented breeder. And a horse cannot run faster than its capacity, even if it is led by the most excellent rider. Similarly, a person, having created something extraordinary, sooner or later must move on to creating something new, and not engage in constant improvement of something that does not cause any complaints anyway. In general, do not rub the rug to the holes.

The same goes for business. If your enterprise has turned from a small coffee shop into a respectable restaurant, do not try to turn it into a fashionable hotel. Since the beginning of your business, you have greatly increased worries. Remember how easy it was to manage a team of 10 people, and how hard it is for you now.

And yet taxes are constantly increasing, competitors are pressing, inspectors have overcome. Is this not enough for you? Do not ruin yourself and your successful business.

Mrs Parkinson

It is not surprising that such an outstanding husband of his Fatherland, and of the whole world, had a very outstanding wife. She also contributed to Parkinson’s human value system. Her feminine gaze, of course, was more directed towards household chores. And this is what she came to the conclusion: according to the law that Mrs. Parkinson deduced, the warmth that comes from one of the family members through his impeccable housekeeping constantly grows and overwhelms him. And he can share it only with those who are more cold-blooded in this sense.

Other observations

In addition to the above «basic» laws of Parkinson, he is also credited with other less ambitious, in essence, but no less relevant for each person, again, regardless of his social status, income level, religion, nationality, gender and age.

  • Delay Axiom. According to it, there is no more reliable and cunning form of refusal than a request to wait for the fulfillment of some request or demand. You don’t want or can’t do something, but you can’t say “no”, just say that you will do it a little later. How many times has your young man put off going to the registry office? He knows exactly how the delay axiom works.
  • law of a thousand. It says that any enterprise or company whose staff has reached 1000 people no longer needs outside help. You no longer need to invite a cleaning company or freelancers there. Such an organization becomes self-sufficient, it has everything and everything that is necessary for doing business.
  • telephone law. It appeared long before cellular communication became widespread and mobile handsets became not a luxury, but a means of communication. So, Parkinson’s phone law says: any telephone conversation is the more effective, the less time spent on it. Remember this when you prove to your colleague that he is wrong for the hundredth time over the phone. Maybe it’s easier to sit down and discuss everything, using illustrative examples as evidence, rather than screaming into the phone?
  • The law of scientific research. According to this law, which initially seems to be aimed at a narrow circle of citizens, successful scientific research is impossible without increased funding, which, in turn, makes it impossible to continue the study of anything indefinitely. The cash flow will inevitably dry up. But does it only work in scientific circles? See Parkinson’s third law above.
  • Law of information. It is not about a person or organization, but about technology, which, however, is already gradually becoming part of society, and in some cases, the family. If in the days of Parkinson cars gradually flooded everything, now we are all surrounded by cars with artificial intelligence. In some industries, they have already replaced humans. So, according to the law of information, an increase in its amount occurs in order to fill the entire memory of the carrier. And the need to increase the memory of these same media requires the creation of new ones.

And, as a result, the development of technology and the emergence of more and more advanced storage media. How long have you been asking Alice, who lives in your phone, how are you and her doing?

Practical use

It must be remembered that the author of the above laws himself was sure that everything he saw and recorded was not as scary, sad and bad as it seems initially. He considered the purpose of his research not to show humanity in what «unbearable» conditions it exists, but to make it think and rise above these very laws.

It is no coincidence that Parkinson expounded them in a playful, humorous form. That’s why smile and go through life not according to the above rules, but strictly contrary to them.

For example, stop spending everything you earn — you had enough some time ago and smaller amounts. Keep your needs under control, even if your capabilities have begun to greatly exceed them. Put the money you save on this into more rational needs.

Buy real estate, for example, and when your children grow up, you can immediately provide them with housing, and not go to the bank for a loan, which, of course, will lead to even more expenses.

In the meantime, rent an «idle» apartment for rent. Spend the funds received on the purchase of a house on the beach. Next time you will not have to spend money on hotel accommodation during your vacation, and the best paradise for meeting grandchildren in old age can hardly be imagined.

Do not delay paying off debts and loans — the sooner you rid yourself of this financial dependence, the faster your business will go uphill. Make a «stash». Some believe that it should be at least 20 percent of all income received. If you feel like this is too much, start putting aside a smaller portion of your earnings.

The financial «airbag» will be thinner, the main thing — it will be. But sleeping with a pillow is always more comfortable than without it.

It is up to everyone whether to follow the advice of the English philosopher or not. By the way, after retiring for 33 years, he lived in a cozy place on one of the Channel Islands. He wrote books, painted pictures and sailed. It might still be worth following his advice. And then, most likely, financial well-being, happiness in family life and all other benefits that you can only dream of as a sane and purposeful person await you.

what it is? Principles of teaching speed reading, the benefits and harms of the skill, description of classes

Speed ​​reading: what is it, what is it for and how to master this skill?

Time is one of the most important resources in the modern rhythm of life. More than once we have heard from someone from our environment that there is a catastrophic lack of time, and we ourselves constantly feel this. Speed ​​reading skills will help you deal with a colossal flow of all kinds of information much faster and significantly save the most valuable resource — time.

On the Internet there are many articles of the exact opposite sense. Some argue that speed reading does nothing, others give various examples of significant success. Let’s try to understand the methods, working techniques and techniques for mastering the useful skills of speed reading.

What it is?

Shorthand is:

  • the ability of a person to quickly perceive textual information with a high level of perception using special reading methods;
  • a set of skills for processing and qualitative assimilation of information;
  • a useful tool for saving personal and production time;
  • an effective tool for the development of intelligence and memory training.

Speed ​​reading is not an end in itself. It is important to be able to understand the essence and meaning of the written text while reading quickly and confidently. Having mastered the technique of speed reading, you can increase the speed of perception by 3-4 times. If the average speed of standard reading of an adult is 200-250 words per minute, then with speed reading it increases to 600-700 words.

Some experts note that with speed reading, the percentage of assimilation of the material in comparison with ordinary reading inevitably decreases. That is why the ability to extract the main meaning from the text, to keep the material in memory and to filter out irrelevant points becomes especially relevant when speed reading.

Basic principles

When using the speed reading technique, two basic principles apply.

  • Skimming. It is a visual search for sentences in the text to identify clues to the main question or reading purpose. The beginning and end of the text are read, then the first sentence of each paragraph, to quickly determine if additional detailed information is needed for a given question. It is a mistake to think that skimming is a random process, because for the effectiveness of reading, structure is needed, more important is what is read, and not what is omitted.
  • Scanning. This is the process of finding the right information using a mind map formed from skimming. For successful scanning, it must be clear how the material is structured and what to read so that you can find the information you need. The scan includes the main thesis, headings, facts, important pieces of information.

The components of speed reading techniques are special text processing techniques, search algorithms, text processing, wide coverage of the text at a glance.

Why is this needed?

There is no doubt that the modern rhythm of life is experiencing information overload. The amount of information is growing almost exponentially. How not to get lost in this fast flow? Numerous sources of information — television, the Internet, brochures, magazines, popular science publications — everything is overflowing with information about changes in various technologies, about all kinds of news, about new trends in some processes. To remain successful, one must have knowledge in competitive areas, respond quickly to changing situations, and always be “afloat”.

Of course, speed reading is not a panacea, but to a large extent it helps to «keep abreast of the times.» In addition, when reading quickly, a person develops “bonuses” that create additional advantages in some aspects of life.

  • Memory training. With speed reading, the human brain begins to work at a higher level. If classes on mastering the technique of speed reading become a system, the perception and memorization of information are improved, memory is trained.
  • Emphasis of attention. Speed ​​reading methods allow you to fully concentrate on reading, not be distracted by extraneous thoughts that are far from the material being read. As a result, attention is completely directed to obtaining information from the text being read.
  • Development of logical thinking. Reading is an exercise for the brain. Training the brain with speed reading helps to sort information more efficiently and form the right connections with fragments of knowledge previously stored in memory. With an increase in the speed of reading, the inductance of thinking automatically improves.

Benefit and harm

Historically known facts from the life of world famous personalities, albeit indirectly, are nevertheless an indicator that speed reading contributes to success and this is not a myth. Suffice it to say that our famous compatriots Maxim Gorky, Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Lenin, as well as foreign leaders of various historical eras, were able to read quickly — Napoleon Bonaparte, Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Karl Marx and many other famous personalities. It follows that mastering speed reading is a worthwhile thing.

Speed ​​reading is the only method that turns on mental activity simultaneously in both hemispheres of the brain. The development of inductive thinking and the speed of thought processes during speed reading will allow you to track the author’s intention and quickly capture the structure of the text.

Despite the obvious advantages of speed reading, recognized by many of those who have mastered this technique, the debate over existing methods continues to this day. There are many opponents who consider speed reading not reading as such, but viewing texts. For the most part, opponents note one, but a very significant minus — The developed methods for speed reading do not allow to fully understand the meaning of what is read. Woody Allen, an American writer, actor and film director, a connoisseur of literature and music, is often quoted in critical articles: “I read War and Peace in 20 minutes. There is something about Russia.

It is not worth hoping to read several thousand words per minute without losing understanding; one must adequately assess the real capabilities of a person.

How to develop this skill?

Some people are able to learn speed reading on their own, without attending special courses and trainings. Purposefulness, faith in success, daily training according to special methods will certainly lead to success. From the start of training to the acquisition of stable skills, it will take some time. Psychologists advise for 21 days to perform special exercises for 40-60 minutes every day.

Understanding words and meanings in their relationship, the ability to systematize verbal information, developed verbal intelligence are in close interaction with high-speed reading. For a more successful development of speed reading, it is good to get acquainted with the basics of linguistics and stylistics, to have a good imagination in order to correctly guess what the author of the text said.

Reading speed is directly affected by several factors:

  • subvocalization (pronunciation of the text in the mind);
  • regression — returning to individual fragments of the text and rereading them;
  • limited field of view — the area of ​​coverage of the text in one stop of sight;
  • the degree of concentration of attention, the ability to read without distraction;
  • superficial reading — the ability to quickly find key words and theses in the text.

These obstacles can be overcome only with the use of special skills honed by impressive practice. Such skills are acquired by systematic training according to special methods with the help of developed exercises. Here are some working tips for mastering speed reading.

  • Suppression of articulation (the work of the organs of speech). Allows you to get rid of subvocalization (mental pronunciation of the text). This natural process significantly slows down reading. Rhythmic tapping on the table, a quiet countdown, pronunciation of tongue twisters, reading simple rhymes, singing melodies without words are well distracted from subvocalization. It will not work to do any of this and at the same time pronounce the text in the mind, the habit will disappear.
  • Reading with a pointer. Helps to get rid of regressive reading. A pointer can be a pencil, a stick, or just a finger — as you like. The gaze should continuously slide along the line, without breaking away from the movement of the pointer, so as not to return to the read text again.
  • Green dot method. Trains the perception of information in the field of peripheral vision. On a page with text in the center, you need to draw a green dot and look at it carefully for 10 minutes. After two weeks of such exercises, you can begin to look at the text up, down and to the side of the point, covering as much of the area as possible with your eyes. Words should just be seen without reading.
  • Diagonal reading. Develops the ability to see key phrases in the text and filter out irrelevant information. You need to glide your eyes diagonally from top to bottom, while not returning to what you read and not turning your eyes around. At first, it will be possible to cover a few words, but time will pass, and constant training will significantly increase perception. A well-trained person needs only to look at a page with text to understand the essence of what is written.
  • Reading upside down text. First, a paragraph is read on an upside down page, then the book returns to its normal position and the paragraph is read again. This is a workout to increase reading speed.
  • The tick-tock method. Significantly increases reading speed. The gaze captures the beginnings and ends of the lines, and not all the words in them, this is enough to understand the meaning of what is read.
  • Gibberish practice. Reading from right to left (gibberish reading) develops concentration. You need to start training with expressions that are read without difference both from left to right and vice versa (palindromes). Examples: “The cat is about forty days old”, “The boar pressed the eggplant”, etc. (in our time, such texts are easy to find), then train on ordinary texts.

Time for classes should be thought out in advance. The place must be comfortable. It is useless to train in places where you cannot concentrate. After familiarizing yourself with the basic principles, you can start learning in courses or try to learn how to read quickly on your own. There are developments of foreign and domestic authors on the development of speed reading, textbooks and videos, special courses and trainings.

It takes a lot of practice to successfully master the technique of speed reading. All this together will make it possible to correctly perceive and store information in memory, and in the future — to practically use the knowledge gained.

At what age do you start training?

Successful people at all times have been and remain the object of admiration, and often envy. Most parents would like to see their children successful in the future, and many do not just want, but try in every possible way to develop a child. Teaching a child to read quickly with understanding of the text and correct intonation is not in the last place.

At what age should children start learning to read quickly? There are no unequivocal recommendations on this issue. Some experts believe that it is possible to start teaching a child to read quickly from the age of 5-7. At this age, the brain is able to memorize material as quickly as possible, but on the condition that the child already knows how to read well in whole words, and not in syllables. Other authors of the methods advise starting training at the age of 7-10, at which time children confidently read the words and clearly understand what is written.

But most experts are inclined to believe that The optimal age to start learning speed reading is between 10 and 12 years old. At this age, the child has a sufficiently developed memory, he understands information well, remembers it at the speed of spoken speech, and is able to clearly retell the text.

An important and obligatory condition is the voluntary desire of the child himself to study. You can’t force a child to do exercises, nothing good will come of it. Teaching methodology should be selected according to age.

Who will benefit from this technique?

The skill of speed reading is necessary in various professions associated with the daily need to read and memorize large amounts of textual information. Speed ​​reading will certainly come in handy for lawyers, teachers, reviewers, editors, translators — everyone whose field of activity is related to texts. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of speed reading for students — in the process of learning they have to read and process a lot of textual information in order to prepare for the session and write term papers and theses. In school programs, the amount of information is also increasing every year.

For those modern teenagers who, already in their school years, are thinking about a successful future, the skill of speed reading will also not be superfluous.


It is naive to count on immediate results and despair if, upon verification, they turned out to be far from expected. But if you take into account some points in time before starting training, you can significantly speed up this process.

  • Reading without prior preparation is a serious mistake. First you need to ask yourself — why do you need to read the material? Questions are markers by which the most important information is extracted from the text. Without questions, reading is meaningless, the text is simply “absorbed”.
  • First you need to learn how to read well at the usual speedunderstand and remember information from the first reading, read without being distracted by anything, and only then begin to master speed reading.
  • Don’t let the thought “I can’t do it”. The opinion that in order to master speed reading you need to be super talented is a mistake. No one will argue that the mental abilities of people vary greatly, but everyone can learn speed reading with a great desire. Absolutely everyone has a memory, you just need to “wake it up”, develop and train it so that there is no trace of fear of voluminous texts.
  • Don’t jump from method to method. you need to choose what is stated in an accessible, understandable language for you in order to master the technique once and for all, and in the future only improve the initial skills with constant practice.

Having mastered the technique of speed reading, most use it when reading popular science, business or educational literature.

Fiction and poetry can be read at normal speed so as not to lose the effect of enjoying reading. There are no difficulties with the transition from one way of reading to another.

what is it and how to use it? Mark Levy’s rules for problem solving, the benefits and harms of the method

Freewriting: what is it and how to use it?

Recently, freewriting has been gaining momentum — free writing method. It opens up ample opportunities for personal development and for the implementation of daily activities. This article will tell you what is behind this foreign word and how to use this method.

What it is?

If you did not miss English lessons at school, then you immediately realized that we are talking about free writing texts.

For those who are not familiar with the language of Shakespeare, we explain: “freewriting” is originally two English words free and writing, in literal translation this phrase means “free writing”.

Freewriting technique is familiar, perhaps, to each of us. Who has never drawn in the margins of their textbook or notebook? But such images, even if they do not mean anything specific, are elements of freewriting. But if we did it almost unconsciously, then other people understood what they were doing, painting their own manuscripts.

Remember the classics. Both Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gogol not only accompanied their creations with «pictures» in the margins, there they expressed their thoughts, that arose during the writing of a particular work. Some generally consider Nikolai Vasilyevich and Alexander Sergeevich are the progenitors of freewriting.

So what is its meaning? The rules are simple, like all ingenious — take a sheet of paper (create a new document on the computer), handle (pencil, keyboard) and We start writing whatever comes to mind.

The task is not to deduce smart words in a beautiful handwriting without error, but to splash out on a piece of paper (computer file) everything that has boiled in the soul. At the same time, you should not even think for a second about observing the rules of the Russian language and etiquette, choosing words and expressions.

For every task you have only 5, maximum — 10 minutes. And believe me, after this time, not only creative people will find answers to tormenting questions. This is a great way to find an interesting topic for a future article or even a book. But other questions can be solved in exactly the same way — business or personal problems. It’s kind of like brainstorming.

The benefits of such activities far outweigh the harm.. But there is also a danger. Your stream of thoughts, which you put down on paper without hesitation, can not only help you, but also scare you. Especially if you are a thin person. So we ask the faint of heart to move away from the screens, for everyone else — to be continued.

Goals and rules

You can use this method in a variety of life situations. If your goal matches one of the following, then take a pen, paper and go.

So, freewriting is suitable if you need:

  • generate a great idea;
  • isolate from various ideas the most suitable for solving a particular problem;
  • find the answer to a question that has been tormenting you for a long time;
  • determine future plans;
  • understand what is bothering you;
  • clear your head of unnecessary thoughts and emotions;
  • make a list of priority tasks;
  • to separate the wheat from the chaff, that is, to understand what is really important to you, and what is secondary or does not matter at all;
  • look at the situation through the eyes of another person;
  • understand why something is not working out for you (lose weight, earn a lot of money, fulfill the standard of a master of sports, start a family);
  • decide on plans for the near (distant) future;
  • well, and the most banal, perhaps — you just need to learn how to write quickly.

We have decided on the condition of the task, now we will proceed to its implementation. As mentioned earlier, the main thing is not to think about anything.

Don’t stop your stream of consciousness thinking about what letter to write here or where to put a comma, this is the topic of another lesson.


American Mark Levy claims that it was freewriting that helped him turn from a mediocre book dealer into the president of a successful company that develops unique marketing strategies.

book author «Genius to order» they will assure you that it is quite easy to achieve a turnover of one billion dollars a year. Just start thinking and writing freely, and then the way to solve problems will be found by itself.

Freewriting is not just a modern technique for finding creative solutions, it is a method that allows a person to come to an agreement with himself.

To do this, Mark Levy advises the following:

  • you need to write quickly and at the same time not be interrupted;
  • set a clear time frame for the exercise;
  • write whatever you think;
  • do not strain and do not demonstrate superpowers — super efforts are not needed here, rather the process of fishing out the necessary information from the farthest nooks and crannies of oneself is more important;
  • develop what you managed to get out by continuing to write down your thoughts;
  • change the wording of the question you want to answer, in other words, redirect your attention to find the solution you need.

Freewriting specialists have divided this method into several sub-methods. Thus, by changing the conditions of the task of your freewriting session, you will sooner or later achieve your goal. And for this you can use the following methods.

disperse the fog

Need to get rid of unnecessary, sometimes intrusive thoughts. When you write out everything that has boiled on paper (thoughts, feelings, perhaps even resentment), it will become easier for you to deal with pressing matters. Therefore, it is recommended to perform this exercise in the morning, to “clear” yourself of unnecessary thoughts for the whole day.


In order not to waste time choosing words, make up a little phrasebook for yourself. Enter in it abbreviations of the most frequently used words, images of an image or, possibly, an action.


Do not ask others for answers to your questions. Look for them deep within yourself. They are definitely there. Can’t find it right away, reformulate the question. Sooner or later you will read on a piece of paper the exact wording of your next plan of action.


Change the questions you ask yourself. Even in one particular case, there are more of them than it seems at first glance. For example, the questions “What is going on in my life?” and “How do I feel?” similar at first glance. But believe me, when you start answering them with freewriting, you will get completely different answers. From this, new questions will begin to flow, such as “What do I want?” and “What do I need for this?”, “What do I already have for this, and what is missing?” and so on.

Don’t be lazy. And sooner or later you will definitely get to the bottom of it.

If you find it difficult to do freewriting in the full sense of the word, or it seems that you simply do not have enough time for this, start with mini-freewriting. Give it only 3-5 minutes, for example, during a break at work.

Make a list of things you have planned for the day. And then during the day, check the data on your list with what you actually managed to accomplish.

Maybe next time, before you start doing something, you still make a reasonable idea about what you need for this and whether you need it at all, but with the help of full-fledged freewriting.

Where to begin?

The most important and complex, as in any other matter, — it start. Even if you have nothing to say to your white sheet, write it down: «I have nothing to write about.» Do this until other thoughts come to you. Change the topics you want to discuss with yourself using freewriting. Ask yourself additional questions.

Another version of this exercise is dangerous to health, but sometimes very productive. By the way, the well-known American writer Ernest Hemingway described him in a phrase that later became an aphorism.

It sounds like this: «Write drunk, edit sober.» Although the method is close not only to the American, but also to the Russian soul, it must be used with great care.

Step-by-step instruction

Find the best freewriting tool for you. Pen, pencil, sheet of paper, notepad, notebook, laptop, tablet and so on — this choice is completely yours.

Prepare it for work so that it doesn’t turn out at the right moment that the pencil is broken, the pen does not write, and the laptop is not charged. By the way, You can also use a voice recorder. say everything that boiled up, and then listen back to what you entrusted to your electronic friend, some people actually find it easier to talk than to write.

However, displaying words on paper is still considered a more effective exercise. Determine the time for your classes — 5, 10, 15 minutes. The main thing is that no one and nothing interferes with you. Turn off your phone, turn off the TV, lock yourself in the bathroom after all. Be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Write whatever comes to mind. If, nevertheless, you have entered a stupor, and your thoughts do not want to come out in any way, try to force them to do so. with the help of essay topics.

  • Write a short essay on the topic: “Once I wanted to do this, but I didn’t because…”.
  • Give five answers to the question, what are you especially worried about now?
  • List by points what you dream about (dreamed about before)?
  • Describe in detail how you feel at the doctor’s office.
  • List 20 things that are right in front of you right now.
  • Then make a list of the sounds that surround you.
  • Briefly describe how you made some important decision for yourself.
  • Write down 10 reasons why you need to learn English or another language.
  • List 10 things you are ashamed of or could be ashamed of.
  • List 10 things for which you would not be sorry to give the last penny.
  • Describe your apartment from the point of view of your beloved cat, even if you haven’t got a furry friend yet or don’t plan to in principle.
  • Come up with instructions on how to teach this very cat to dance the waltz.
  • Imagine that aliens have landed en masse on earth, tell us how your life will change.
  • Write a short but preferably touching story about an empty refrigerator.
  • Remember what has made you angry lately and describe your condition and everything that you think about it, starting with the words «When the trees were big …».

Share everything with your piece of paper — both joys and sorrows. Do not be shy about your thoughts and desires (even the most secret and not the most decent), all this will remain between you (the writer and a piece of paper). And then soon the number of pleasant minutes in your life will significantly exceed the number of sad ones. You will understand what you really want, find the answer to the question of how to achieve it, and finally reach the peak of perfection. And where it is located and how it looks, it’s up to you.

And one more piece of advice — never fool yourself. Not only while freewriting. It is in principle beneficial for life and health.

Take for yourself the motto of the words of the author of the cult book «The Alchemist» Paulo Coelho: «If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: never lie to yourself». And, in the end, paper, as you know, will endure everything.

How to overcome laziness and apathy? How to get rid of lethargy at home and defeat laziness in yourself?

How to overcome laziness and apathy?

Laziness and apathy are considered the most terrible manifestations of the state of the human soul. These symptoms can drive the individual to extremes. Their aggravation leads to a complete loss of personality. Then the most terrible thing can begin — a spiritual fall into the abyss. So don’t wait for things to get worse. You need to start sounding the alarm and take the person out of the obsessive state. Then his life will continue and sparkle with new colors.


When a person treats his environment rather coolly, then this state is called apathy. Then it develops into a more severe obsessive state. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize this disorder in time. If an individual has emotional failures (lowered mood, low mobility, etc.), then the problems must be urgently eliminated. Still such manifestations can mean that a person is tired.

This suggests that laziness and blues have different manifestations. First of all, the person’s desire for life disappears. Only a doctor can bring the patient out of such a state.

The occurrence of apathy (depression) occurs against the background of stress and various psychological traumas.. The lack of serotonin in the brain also contributes to the occurrence of the diseases in question. In addition, apathy can also occur due to various negative factors. For example, a person experienced grief — the loss of a loved one, and he may also have poor heredity or endocrine dysfunction.

Laziness usually causes a lack of emotions. An individual cannot endlessly rejoice or be upset. If there is an overabundance in the emotional plan, then the body turns on protection, and it manifests itself in the complete extinction of experiences. Emotions can also fade away against the background of boredom and longing.

In addition to the above reasons, apathy can be caused by the following factors:

  • old age, chronic diseases (paralysis, diabetes, oncology);
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol) or pills that a person takes uncontrollably;
  • in women, an apathetic state can be caused by birth control pills, the onset of menopause, pregnancy;
  • strong emotional outburst, physical overstrain;
  • avitaminosis, lack of sun.

To avoid negative consequences, you need to know about the most pronounced signs of this condition. There are only two of them.

  • When apathy is very pronounced (the individual becomes too slow and does not show interest in the events taking place around him).
  • When an individual does not show others his inner state. He just one day may experience suicidal tendencies. This is how the endogenous destruction of personality occurs.

To get away from the most serious consequences of apathy, you need to know about its main symptoms. Despite the fact that a person during apathy does not experience delight from ordinary minutes, he is still not devoid of positive emotions. All this is due to the fact that in his soul there is a glimmer of hope for the onset of better times.

At the same time, the individual does not scream and does not throw tantrums. He simply demonstrates indifference even when it is necessary to show feelings. All his feelings are completely atrophied. A very neglected state is expressed in the absence of plans for the future. A person does not get acquainted with anyone and finally closes in his soul.

In most cases, apathy acts as a protective mechanism against negative life manifestations. However, some scientists believe that lethargy may also be congenital.

The way out of the obsessive state depends on personal qualities. The main thing is to include all your strong-willed qualities and try to overcome laziness. And remember that the conditions that were discussed above, first of all, indicate that a person needs rest.

And if such negative signs are of a protracted nature, then it is better to consult a doctor.

How to get rid?

If there are negative factors, then they must be overcome in oneself. The best way to do this is to find the cause of their occurrence. Your subconscious mind will tell you why bad changes in your behavior occur. And remember: you can’t get used to the blues. The decline of mental strength must be restored.

Despite understanding the absurdity of the situation, people who have fallen into an obsessive state do not want to change anything in their lives. It `s naturally. They resigned themselves to their fate. But you still need to remember that you can not put up with failures. An unsuccessful experience is also an experience for which you must thank fate. Life consists of ups and downs. That’s why behind the dark stripe there will surely come a light one. Know that this is a pattern that needs to be learned.

As soon as the first emotions from losses fade away, you need to give rest to the whole body. Take a day off and sleep well. After that, close the door to the past, where all grievances and failures will remain. And then follow these recommendations to return to normal as soon as possible.

Alternating work and leisure

This method helps to fight laziness and apathy. Of course, if you work a lot, then you have no time to think about your emotional state. It is voltage that can provoke the above problem.

So, if you can’t afford to leave for a few days in warmer climes, then take a day off and visit a massage parlor. When you return from pleasant procedures, be sure to arrange a festive dinner for yourself. Invite close people to it. After such activities, you will feel much better. Learn to relax. Go visit and do not refuse to attend festive events. Such actions significantly raise the general mood.

These recommendations also apply to people who do not work and are at home all the time. They apply to both housewives and women on maternity leave. Believe me, household chores are sometimes even more tiring than the things that people do at work. That’s why don’t discount yourself. You deserve a rest!

Day planning

Many people are very busy at work and at home. They try to redo all their affairs, despite being tired. Very often things overlap. Because of such moments, conflicts arise at work and at home. It is very difficult for an adult and independent person to experience failure. If this situation has a long-term character, then its overcoming will be delayed. The person will get stressed. And this is a direct path to apathy.

Help to deal with this problem day planning. Get a diary in which you will enter all the affairs, including household ones. Let next to each item is the time that you allocate for its implementation.

Tip: Leave 1-2 hours for unforeseen cases. This will help you not to be nervous if force majeure occurs.

Daily regime

A simple daily routine will help overcome laziness. Let it be scheduled by the minute. In this option, there should be obligatory activities related to recreation and sports.

Complete nutrition

A hungry man cannot do work. To keep the body in good shape, you need to follow the principles of a balanced diet. Even while on a diet, you can eat well. Boiled meat will not spoil the figure, but it will saturate your brain with the necessary elements.

For good brain function eat more vegetables and fruits. Vitamins play a huge role in maintaining the proper functioning of the whole organism. Under no circumstances should you eat fast food.

By following simple rules, you will protect yourself from depression, which means that you will not be afraid of an apathetic state.

New paints

Gray days cause laziness. Psychology says that a person needs new emotions. When nothing happens in life, emotions begin to fade, and this is a direct path to apathy.

That’s why arrange holidays for yourself. They will help remove negativity. Allow yourself to have fun at least once in a while so that a large number of impressions remain. In winter, everyone wants warmth and sun. Therefore, if finances allow, buy a ticket to warm countries. This option will definitely cheer you up. If there is no possibility in terms of money, then arrange yourself an inexpensive vacation. To do this, get in the car and go with the whole family to nature. Traveling together will benefit everyone, including you.

Prevention measures

They are simple and do not require much effort. First of all, accustom yourself to rejoice in small things: a sunny day, the fact that you live and you are not bothered by various diseases.

Try to convince yourself that any failure is replaced by a successful period.. Therefore, let yourself be sad enough, and then pull yourself together and continue to live. You have to learn to smile with your soul. Just look at this world with joy and inspire yourself that you can overcome everything. Thus, your will and craving for victory will gradually develop.

Without setting goals, moving forward is impossible. As we already know, if a person does not have an incentive, then her life becomes gray. A goal is a direction that allows you to keep yourself within the optimization framework. Select it and go to it.

Strive to win first of all over your laziness. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed because it’s cold and raining outside, get up anyway and start moving. Drink coffee, cheer up. Then dress warmly and go straight to the street.

Set a goal for yourself to go to the store and buy something delicious. Believe me, along the way you will definitely meet people who will cheer you up. You will want to communicate with them. For those who have a family, it is much easier to perform mood restoration activities. In this case, laziness will only get in the way. To take care of loved ones, you need to overcome your vices. All personal problems are relegated to the background when a person cares about someone.

Let’s give an example of specific recommendations that will help you get rid of laziness.

  • Love the work you are doing. If this is not possible, then change the type of activity.
  • Determination will definitely drive away laziness.
  • The best remedy is motto. Come up with it for yourself personally and pronounce it when you are lazy.
  • If you don’t have the courage, then find inspiration. They can become a famous piece of music. It is desirable that it has a rhythmic motive.
  • Try not to get attached to the placethat makes you feel comfortable. And even sometimes visit less comfortable places.

Once you meet very simple conditions, you will want to do a lot more. The blues will surely retreat. You will be proud of your deeds, because you will defeat yourself. Psychologists say that this is the most difficult task for any person.


In the modern world, residents of cities and even small towns become victims of apathetic states. In summer, this factor does not affect so much, but in winter it manifests itself in full. Daily activities cause fatigue, and in order to get out of bed in the morning, you need to accomplish a whole feat. The following steps will help you avoid this condition.

  • The best way to set yourself up for work and positive is to plan for the day ahead. Of course, at first it will be difficult for the body to tune in a positive way. But do not despair if something does not work out. Gradually, you will get used to doing all the necessary actions, and they will not cause stress.
  • Take vitamins and supplements, especially in winter. Eat right, don’t overeat.
  • During your holidays, try to get as much sleep as possible. Remember that in a dream the human body restores all its functions and gains strength.

All these recommendations will help if you have a slight shift in psychological terms. Hormonal problems are serious disruptions in the body. Mostly women suffer from such manifestations for various reasons (pregnancy, menopause, transition period, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to consult with an endocrinologist. Based on the studies carried out, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment.

How to force yourself to exercise?

How to force yourself to exercise?

There is no bad without good, and weight loss is easy. In addition to numerous diets, fasting days, there is a proven way — regular physical activity. Many plan them with enviable constancy, but still do not have enough time and energy to go in for sports. In this article, we will try to figure out why this happens and how to fix it.

What can be motivating?

How many times have we promised ourselves to go in for sports from Monday, from next month, from the New Year, but things are still there. But you really wanted to lose weight for a vacation, wedding anniversary, anniversary … Answer yourself honestly the question of why you still haven’t got to the fitness center, even if it’s within easy reach? It is likely that at least one of the following is on the list of likely good reasons.

  • My body doesn’t need exercise, it’s just fine.
  • 90-60-90 is just about me (only for women).
  • I will overtake Usain Bolt (eight-time Olympic champion in track and field athletics) without training.
  • I don’t know what shortness of breath is.
  • My kids shouldn’t even think about going to the gym.
  • I get daily physical activity without training (I work as a loader).
  • I am afraid of falling off the treadmill (exercise bike).
  • The last time I got sick was when there was an outbreak of chickenpox in kindergarten.
  • Half of my wardrobe is small for me, but I don’t want to throw away expensive (literally and figuratively) things.

And here is what can motivate us to go in for sports.

  • I cannot rise above the second floor without rest.
  • My husband (boyfriend) / wife (girlfriend) left me because he thinks I’m too fat (oops).
  • I dream of a beautiful figure.
  • I want to lose 5-10 kilograms so that it is easier to move.
  • I want to find a way to relieve stress from time to time.
  • I want my children to be friends with sports.
  • I’m not lazy (ka).
  • I love myself.
  • I want to be loved.

So, something is forcing you to go to the gym, but this something has not yet turned from wishful thinking into reality. Do you want to start playing sports, get very tired after work, do you have every minute scheduled, do your children take away all the remaining time?

But all this is not a reason to deny yourself health and an active lifestyle.

How to overcome laziness?

Surely you have time to chat with a friend on the phone. Do you remember what an interesting series you finished watching yesterday, and the fifth level of the new version of your favorite game has already passed? As soon as you finish with all these things, turn on the washing machine before training and run to the gym. You can defeat yourself only by an effort of will. After physical activity, it will surely relieve your fatigue after mental activity. You will not notice how you will begin to breathe more freely both physically and psychologically. You will forget about shortness of breath, attacks of neuralgia, insomnia and headaches.

There is another obstacle that stops people from going to the gym — the cost of the issue. In almost all, even the most elite clubs, there are big discounts on subscriptions (watch out for promotions), and besides, it is not necessary to visit clubs that are designed for show business stars — the one across the street is no worse. The money saved on the purchase of medicines and “miracle remedies” for weight loss will be able to fully recoup the annual subscription.

The main thing is to stop being lazy, to overcome yourself and your habits. Starting from scratch and falling in love with sports is not as hard as it seems. And then you yourself will not notice how you start to eat right and do at least a little exercise at home every day in the morning.

But if all of the above has not yet set you on the path of sports, here are some more tips.

Find a partner

It’s fun to walk together not only across the open spaces, but also along the treadmill. At the same time, discuss the latest gossip, sales news, and why your mutual friend has not yet gone to the gym. Besides, as soon as laziness overcomes you again, your friend will immediately force you to get up from the couch, well, don’t leave your friend alone with the exercise bike, and next time you will save her from an attack of laziness.

Find a coach

If there is no suitable candidate for like-minded people among friends and acquaintances, let your coach be your partner. If this is your first time at the gym, then you just need the help of a specialist, otherwise the likelihood of injury, and other unpleasant health consequences, is high. Usually the services of an individual trainer are paid separately, and what the money is given for becomes even more expensive and valuable for us.

The coach not only provides advice, determines the adequate load, but also controls the attendance of classes.

Start a diary

Write there everything that you managed to achieve. Wring out 10 times, then 20 and so on. The volume of the waist (hips, arms, legs) decreased by 1 centimeter, then by 2, 3, and so on. Lost weight per kilogram, 2, 3 and so on. You can accompany the numbers with photographs, graphs. At some point, the process of your transformation and improvement can slow down a little, it happens to almost everyone, and then it will seem to you that all further efforts are useless. No, you just need to reconsider how it all began, and the refusal to continue the path will seem ridiculous.


Give yourself small gifts for different achievements. All places in the Olympic team are occupied, and therefore you will have to hand over medals and cups to yourself (although it is better to ask your husband / wife, friend / girlfriend to do this). Lost 3 kilograms — why not go to the spa, get an expensive manicure, buy a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist or a performance of your favorite theater. We did 50 squats instead of 15, which we barely mastered during the first workout — you can buy a new T-shirt (shorts, blouse, T-shirt, dress, and so on).

In the end, one not very “correct” dinner per month can also be afforded. By the way, sometimes it is even useful. Our body is cunning, as soon as it starts to lose, it immediately tries to save what has been accumulated over the years, and you haven’t given it sweets at night for a week already. Deceive him, give him something tasty for dinner, perhaps he will leave his savings at least for a while, and the weight will decrease again.

How to force yourself to go to the gym after work?

There are some practical tips to help organize yourself working. First of all, you should clearly plan the time both at work and after it. This will help you find time to practice.

  • To start don’t forget your workout suit bag at home, returning home for her, you are unlikely to leave it. Packing a bag, if it is in advance, helps to tune in to a sports evening in the morning.
  • remember, that exercise relieves emotional and psychological stress, and therefore employees, bosses will certainly mark your bright mind.
  • After a workout, you will fall asleep faster, so — better rest before the work day.
  • You won’t have time between work and sleepto look in the refrigerator and eat something unnecessary.
  • And even more so it is unlikely that the thought will pop into the store for a couple of jars of foam. For this, your tummy will definitely let go a couple of centimeters. You still have time to pump it up.


Choose the type of physical activity that is right for you. Now you can find classes for every taste and budget. You can work out in the usual «rocking chair» in the sports and recreation complex at the nearest school, and in an elite sports club. The main thing is that you go there with pleasure. So let’s get back to the types of activities that may interest you.

  • Step aerobics — classes are most often held in a group, exercises are performed using a special step platform, which is why this type of exercise is called in fitness centers. Recommended for strengthening leg muscles for those who have suffered a knee injury, suitable for the treatment and prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Aqua aerobics — Classes are held in the water. During the exercise, almost all muscle groups are affected. Hence the high efficiency of such classes.
  • fitness yoga is a mixture of ancient Indian teachings and modern knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. You will be taught how to correctly take such postures that will have a positive effect on the state of your body.
  • Fitbox — Thai boxing with elements of aerobics. The beats are delivered to the music at a high tempo. And don’t worry — you won’t get bruises. Your opponents will be a humble bag or a coach who will force you to move in search of a target for his punch. And what a great way to throw off tension and negativity.
  • EMS training suitable for those who have very little free time. Just 45 minutes in a special suit is comparable in effectiveness to a three-hour hour session in a regular gym. This is achieved due to the fact that during exercise your muscles are additionally stimulated by low-power electrical charges. The only downside is that it’s quite expensive.
  • If you don’t like the fitness room, go to the nearest dance club. Latino, belly dancing and even pole dancing will help you not only tighten your figure, but also learn how to move well. And at the next corporate evening, you will surely surprise your colleagues.
  • crossfit — classes include a kind of «coupling» of various exercises, which is performed at a fairly high pace a certain number of times.

And this is not all that will be offered to you if you still decide to overcome laziness physically. This, of course, can be done at home. But as practice proves, a simulator bought once sooner or later becomes a clothes hanger. And the exercise mat on the floor slowly turns into a bath mat. Therefore, it is better to go to the hall. But if for some reason you prefer to stay at home, then still find yourself a personal trainer. Now on the Internet there are many online courses and classes for every taste. They will cost you either very little or nothing at all.

But here lies the danger. What we get just like that, we do not really appreciate. Agree, having paid money for a lesson or purchasing a subscription, it will simply be a pity to miss training. Another powerful motivator for going to the gym can be the most banal argument. Make a bet with anyone that you will not miss a certain number of workouts or lose a certain number of pounds in a month. The chance to become winners and get a win will also spur you on to regular classes.

Regularly look at yourself in a full-length mirror, preferably before pulling on your favorite hoodie. Take out the jeans that you haven’t been able to fit in for a year and hang them in a conspicuous place, let them become an incentive.

Before deciding to go to the gym, you should consult with your doctor — a medical specialist will assess the initial state of health and choose the type of physical activity that will not only help you lose weight, but also be good for your health.

How to deal with procrastination? How to stop procrastinating? Methods and methods of treatment, exercises to overcome procrastination

How to deal with procrastination?

The term procrastination comes from the Latin crastinus (meaning «tomorrow») and pro (meaning the particle «on»). The second version of the appearance of this word suggests that it comes from the English procrastination, which means “postponing” or “delay”.

Ways to overcome

Before we fight procrastination, let’s figure out what kind of ailment it is and whether it can be dealt with. Remember your student years, when many of us, instead of starting to prepare a diploma or term paper in advance, ran to a disco or a date, and left everything for later. This is perhaps the most striking and understandable example of procrastination. Although in more adult life it is not so easy to discern the onset of the disease. And there are several types of this insidious disease.

  • academic — the one when we put off studying and doing homework, writing a term paper and a diploma for later.
  • Neurotic — when, due to fear and unwillingness to take responsibility, we avoid making any decisions in life. Perhaps the guy does not want to go to the registry office, not because he does not love the girl, but for the reason that he has procrastination.
  • behavioral — it seems to us that we will definitely succeed in doing all the housework and chores, as well as other tasks that require our daily efforts, next time, better than today.
  • working — we are pulling to the last with some difficult, painstaking or simply unpleasant business for us.
  • Integrated — having collected all the above types or some of them together.

Sometimes we just don’t notice how we put off important things, because we constantly find replacements for them. We come up with a lot of reasons and cases so as not to sit down for something important or difficult to do.. And in return we take both other work and other little things in life. We pour coffee three times an hour, every ten minutes we run to the next office, sharpen all the pencils in the office, wipe the dust even where there is none, and in the evening, going to bed, we understand that we didn’t do what was planned, but wanted and almost tried.

And everything would be fine, because there will still be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on. But even then we again find a lot of excuses not to start the annual report, for example. But then the problems begin. Firstly, sooner or later the work will still have to be done, and time will be running out, and we will be doing it already in an emergency mode, which, as a rule, entails mistakes, and what is even worse — stress and even depression. We begin to reproach ourselves for not devoting time to this earlier, colleagues and management are also not happy with our actions.

Some begin to consider us lazy, but we were just constantly busy with something. And here honestly answer yourself the question — what? If you realize that you were simply playing for time, and the true reason lay in the unwillingness to do something, then this must be treated.

And to begin with, it is worth understanding the causes of your disease. There may be several of them, getting rid of some is simple, while others are much more difficult:

  • you are an idle and irresponsible person in life;
  • you feel that by setting time limits for you, management limits the freedom of your personality;
  • you are afraid that you will not be able to complete the task assigned to you;
  • you are “lost” in time and do not understand that minutes, hours and days pass, it seems to you that they are endless;
  • you do not need a salary, there is no financial motivation;
  • you believe that tomorrow you will be better than yesterday;
  • you have already failed in this field, and it seems to you that it will always be so.

If any of the above about you and what is happening does not suit you, it’s time to start fighting. You have to admit to yourself that you are sick. Go to the mirror and honestly and frankly tell yourself that not only are you charming and attractive, but you also suffer from procrastination. And then proceed to a step-by-step solution to the problem.

  • Write down your priorities. In the morning, make a to-do list of the things you have planned. Highlight the most important and difficult, and start with this, leave the rest for «dessert». At dinner, you eat the main course first, and only then the dessert. Here are the small tasks, let them remain for dessert.
  • Plan. Set clear boundaries for yourself — what and when you have to do. Write the plan on paper and hang it in front of you. Follow it like instructions.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work right away. It is much easier to redo, finish, fix than start from scratch. Repair is not construction.
  • Follow the routine. Don’t try to do everything at once. Rest is essential.

Take breaks, do not work at night, rest on weekends, and then you should have enough strength to perform your duties during working hours. Your vacuum cleaner will eventually overheat and burn out if you don’t turn it off.

Treatment Methods

To stop procrastinating, it is also important to understand the reasons. To defeat the enemy, you need to know him by sight. The reasons may be as follows.

  • The work does not suit you, it does not bring moral or material satisfaction. Start looking for a new one, otherwise you will remain in prostration, that is, in procrastination.
  • Remove phrases like “I must” or “I must” in relation to work, replace them with “I can”, “I want”. Agree, this sounds more pleasant, and it will help us, freedom-loving ones, to overcome the psychological barrier.
  • Try to understand why you do not want to take on this particular case, try to start it from the other end. Don’t wait to get scolded for work not done. Instead of a stick, buy yourself a carrot as an advance payment for the upcoming work. Please yourself with something. With a good mood and things will go more fun. After you finish the job, walk boldly, buy yourself at least a chocolate bar as a reward.
  • Find your helpers. Together we are a force that helps to get out of even the most difficult situations!

Useful exercises

As such, there are no special exercises to combat procrastination. In addition to, of course, daily walks in the fresh air and sports, morning exercises also count. Both will help deliver oxygen to our brain, which will make the head work faster and better. There are a number of other actions that will help to cope with the problem.

  • Incorporate procrastination into your work schedule. That is, allow yourself time to do nothing. Just don’t overdo it. You can remember about the children, call them and find out how they are doing.
  • Tidy up your desktop. Remove anything that might distract you. You have to work at work. But don’t forget about breaks.
  • Set a fixed time for lunch. Then you won’t be tempted to start it 15 minutes early and finish half an hour late.


  • To overcome your reluctance to do anything, remember what dividends you will receive after doing the work. (a good fee, respect from colleagues, a bonus, “thank you”, in the end, a kind word, as you know, is nice for a cat).
  • You can’t avoid delays on your own, find among your colleagues a person who can give you a motivational “kick”at the moment when you once again daydream, looking at the landscape outside the window.
  • Once and forever forget the word «later»it is better to do some of the work in advance.
  • To avoid delays, «close» for the duration of the work from the outside world. Forget about social networks, sites with promotions and sales. Tell colleagues and household members that you are gone for them for the next two or three hours. On the occasion of your return, promise a holiday to them and to yourself. The phone, ideally, should also be turned off, well, unless you are waiting for a very important call, of course.
  • Write a memo to yourself with the algorithm for completing the task. Remember, in the beginning there was a word.
  • Turn routine work into an exciting process. Start writing each next sheet of the report, for example, with a new pen, with a different ink color, for example. This is also possible when creating computer documents.
  • Make it a rule not only to make a plan for the day, but also to summarize its results. What worked and what didn’t, and why. Perhaps tomorrow you will drink not 10 cups of coffee, but one.
  • Do not set yourself impossible tasks. Be smart about scheduling. Clearly think about what you will have time to do in order to praise yourself in the evening, and not to scold.
  • Remember that you can’t even pull a fish out of the pond without difficulty. Yes, your task is difficult, but it is worth it. Over time, things will go more successfully, you need to be patient and move towards your goal gradually, albeit in small steps.
  • Our best friends are our own feelings and reflexes. As soon as you feel that an attack of procrastination begins, immediately stop it. Take a cold shower, it will cheer you up. Go for a run, a burst of energy is guaranteed. You can just limit yourself to light charging. The main thing is to do something.
  • In the schedule of work, do not consider weeks or months, but days. “There are three more weeks until the end of October” doesn’t sound as specific as “a deadline that expires in 21 days,” but it’s not as scary either. The same applies to a specific day.

For example, if you plan to spend 2 hours on everything, the schedule should show 120 minutes. If it doesn’t get any easier, convert to seconds.

Time is running inexorably. And besides work (or household chores), there is still so much to do. In the routine of everyday worries, do not forget to please yourself. The fact that you will have time and energy for this will also spur you to the precise fulfillment of your duties, which, of course, cannot always bring only positive emotions. You must deliver them to yourself by coming out of the situation as a winner and being able to overcome all obstacles, including procrastination.

By the way, the World Health Organization calculated that 96% of the world’s population has experienced an attack of this disease at least once, in 52% this diagnosis is chronic. So let’s enter the better half of humanity. And even better, among those few who are not threatened by procrastination in principle.

How to force yourself to study? How to start studying if everyone is lazy? How to stop being lazy at university and at school?

How to force yourself to study?

It’s never too late to learn. But if for young children learning becomes a necessary element of life, then for adults this moment may not be so necessary. And so, it may or may not be done.

An exception here may be those individuals who have a high level of organization and motivation for results. And this is not surprising. Learning new knowledge has many benefits. That’s why learning is always and everywhere necessary for both adults and children. And the following information will definitely help you with this.

Causes of laziness

Many psychologists believe that laziness is beneficial in some way. Yes, it significantly helps to relax the whole body. However, it also leads to a decline in the success of any person. In addition, laziness often develops into an apathetic state. There are many reasons for laziness. Let’s list the main ones.

  • Studies of different groups of people using MRI showed that there are significant differences among all people. Some were distinguished by a craving for action, while others, on the contrary, never aspired to do anything. The reason for this lies in a certain area of ​​the premotor zone of the cerebral hemispheres. This section does not work the same for everyone. And this suggests that the cause of laziness lies more in the biological nature of a person than in the social one. These factors speak to the neurobiological mechanisms of laziness.
  • The instinct of self-preservation does not work properly and turns into a self-destructive mechanism. It is procrastination (the desire to put things off indefinitely). The mechanism of action is simple: when a person gets tired, the above option works. So the body is protected from negative consequences.
  • Forcing yourself to do something is the application of effort on yourself. In weak-minded people, strong-willed efforts to perform certain work are often absent. Therefore, willpower must be nurtured. This is done when an adult was not initially accustomed to work.

You need to understand that laziness is a manifestation of personality traits. For example, perfectionists are prone to laziness due to the fact that they are used to doing things with perfect accuracy. Therefore, people with such character traits always have the question of whether to complete the task flawlessly or not perform it at all. As a result, a person does nothing and falls into a lazy state.

Also, low self-esteem affects the manifestation of human laziness. If the individual claims that he cannot cope with this task, then he tries not to do anything. He just walks away from the negative consequences.

Another reason could be lack of discipline. In this case, techniques such as time management will help. The most negative kind of laziness is intellectual laziness. Activity here is replaced by contemplation of the surrounding world. A person tells himself that he is bored and uninterested in doing anything. For example, a student often drops out of university due to frustration with the learning process.

It is precisely such laziness that is unusual for children. They are sincerely interested in everything that happens around them. And yet laziness in a child may occur for the following reasons.

  • Because of temperament. Sometimes a child just can’t bring himself to learn.
  • because of overprotection parents over the child.
  • Out of boredom. If an active child is forced to sit and draw, then he may experience an attack of laziness. And if you offer him to complete the same task in a playful way, then he will stop being lazy and will do it with pleasure.
  • Due to misunderstanding and disinterest to this or that business which is offered at school. Some children sincerely do not understand why they need to study. Therefore, they need to be interested and involved in the learning process.
  • Just like adults, children can suffer too from fear of failurebecause of this they are lazy.

That is precisely why it must be said that laziness is not a phenomenon. Vice versa, laziness is a symptomatology that speaks of certain notes that indicate a disorder in the behavior of the individual. And the reasons for the occurrence of such a negative factor can be a large number. They are social or physiological in nature.

Effective ways

There are people who can practice without much effort. They understand that lessons are an integral part of the learning process. Nevertheless, problems arise. This happens when it comes to the study of cognitive material, both in young children and in adult students. Various tricks will help to overcome laziness in study. In fact, there are a large number of them. Consider the most popular.

  • Need to start practicing on schedule and in no case do not get out of it.
  • For those who like to sleep in the morning, classes are recommended to be postponed until the evening. Then you will increase your potential.
  • Find out the schedule of tests and exams. This will give you the opportunity to prepare for them in advance. In addition, you will divide all the studied material into parts and gradually learn it.

There are many more techniques that will help you overcome obstacles to learning. They are as follows.

Correct goal setting

The most important moment. Studying will always be a joy if you know what you are studying for.. There must be a certain interest in this matter, as well as your and only your desire. During training, a person is simply obliged to know his future actions and the ultimate goal.

Many high school students set themselves the goal of enrolling in a particular university in order to continue their studies. And it is right. Psychologists and teachers of disciplines, after some observations, concluded that students who set a goal to get an excellent certificate usually achieve it. Then they enter prestigious educational institutions. Other students who are less interested in learning do not show interest in knowledge and, as a rule, do not set any goals. They just go with the flow. The result is disastrous. Many of them, having received a certificate, get a job and no longer have the opportunity to study.

Students should also set the goal of excellent study from the very beginning. It is required in order to receive a scholarship. So their first goal is are financial incentives.

In addition, an excellent or good study subsequently gives a guarantee of a quick device for a prestigious job. That is why you need to see the end result of learning activities.

Finding motivation

All things require motivation. Formulate the reason why you need to study such a large amount of educational material. Play with yourself and turn boring study into an entertaining game. If you need to study the activities of a historical character, then imagine yourself in his place and turn on your imagination. If motivation disappears from time to time, then connect willpower to the learning process. Small rewards for yourself will help you overcome laziness. For timely learned material treat yourself to sweets.

To beat laziness, you need to remove distractions while studying. So turn off all your gadgets and settle into a room where nothing can distract you. And the most important motivation should be your desire to gain knowledge that will help you navigate your life and become a successful person.

Arrangement of the workplace

This important point must not be overlooked. You must love the place where you spend time studying. This will help overcome laziness and blues. So, let’s begin.

  • The table at which you will study should be wide enough and that you can easily place textbooks and notes on it.
  • The chair on which you will sit while studying should be very comfortable. For those who love special comfort, you can install a special massage stand under your feet. This will allow you to periodically relax while studying the material.
  • Good lighting — Another important point.
  • Nearby there should be furniture for storing things, directly related to your studies.

However, it must be said that a person who is motivated and eager to study just because he really wants to achieve certain results will be able to study anywhere. If only he wasn’t disturbed.

Time Management

A separate science that requires careful study. In short, this is a method that helps you focus on your studies. This option involves a scientific approach to the organization of time and increases the potential of the plan.

The methodology assumes the following:

  • making a to-do list in the morning;
  • things need to be arranged so that the difficult ones are completed by you first.

The methodology consists of the following parts:

  • time tracking;
  • improvement of temporary capacity;
  • making a plan for the whole day;
  • motivation to study.

To learn how to effectively manage time, you need to follow certain rules.

  • Plan all your activities that relate to the educational process.
  • Do not leave anything for later, otherwise overlaps will occur. You will start to get nervous, and the process of memorizing the material will turn into torture. And then all the problems will begin to gather into one whole. This «com» will be difficult to overcome.

Development of willpower

A very important point. Without self-discipline, you will never be able to achieve high results. Therefore, it needs to be developed, and this is not even discussed. Imagine that willpower is a muscle. If it is not used, it will cease to function and atrophy. So, you need to start with small efforts so as not to lose interest.

To begin with, force yourself to get up early in the morning at the same time and do various physical exercises. It will be difficult to do this out of habit, but that’s what training is for, to gradually improve. As mentioned above, you need to plan your time by the hour and act strictly according to this plan. Even on Sunday, you can’t give yourself indulgence and do all sorts of unnecessary little things (watching TV shows, social networks). If you have planned to complete any task, then be sure to complete it.

remember, that if you made a promise to yourself, then do not betray yourself and realize your plan. This is the main condition for training willpower. Try not to “jam” all your efforts with different fast foods.

Junk food should not be eaten, especially for those who are overweight. Better learn how to cook delicious and healthy food. Various practices in the form of meditation will only enhance the effect.

Reward for success

This item is necessary so that you have an incentive to improve. However, be aware that a self-disciplined person does not need various rewards. He already knows perfectly well what he needs to do, and goes to the goal.

Keep in mind that you can reward yourself only at the initial stage of training. However, do not forget that various incentives only take up precious time and reduce all efforts to develop the will to nothing.

If you cannot do without incentives, then at least try to combine the useful with the pleasant. To do this, sign up for fitness. You can try to choose another, no less useful direction. For example, visit the center for relaxation of the whole organism. Such incentives will help you keep your emotional state on track and look very presentable.


They will help you achieve your goals and will not let you rest on your laurels. So what should be done first.

  • The material covered is partially forgotten. So try to repeat it daily. For example, break it down into specific parts and take turns rereading the topics you are studying. Make notes in the margins and indicate the essence of the information. Then, if you remember well what is being discussed in a particular text, the text may not be reread.
  • Make the most of the time you spend at school. Do not be distracted by calls and SMS during lectures. Just listen carefully to the teacher, delve into the new material and write down the essence of what the lecturer is talking about. Believe me, you don’t even have to memorize anything later.
  • One of the most important conditions for a good study is rest. It may be different. However, know that good sleep is the best recipe. A person rested in this way is able to absorb much more information. Tip: try to use the same time for sleep. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep and wake up quickly.
  • Learn to say «no» to yourself and to your friends. When you are called to take a walk, think about your studies. Postpone going to the movies until better times, and today take care of more pressing problems. This way you can keep your self-discipline in shape, study well and get a scholarship.

Remember, there are many opportunities in youth. They cannot be missed. You want to have fun and walk at any age, but it’s better to study when you are still young.

How to develop and strengthen willpower? How to develop it and train it correctly?

How to develop and strengthen willpower?

The power is there — the mind is not needed. But what if the mind is there, but the strength is not enough? And not in the direct sense of the word, but willpower. And without it, we can never force ourselves to do what we must. Let’s take a closer look at how to develop and strengthen willpower.

Why is it necessary to develop willpower?

In fact, willpower is our guide to achieving the goal. They wanted to lose weight, and willpower will help you give up sweets, and instead of spending time on social networks, it will help you go to the gym. Decided to quit smoking, it’s as easy as shelling pears. Mark Twain, for example, claimed that he himself did this a hundred times. How about one single time? Again, willpower is not enough?

Do you remember that report that you barely managed to submit last year? And if you had willpower, you would have started earlier. What about that tooth you had last year? It could also be saved if you showed willpower in time and went to the dentist as soon as you felt the first pain. This list is endless. But, unfortunately, our “I want” or “I don’t want” often defeat our own willpower. So what to do about it? The conclusion is obvious — to strengthen it.

How to train?

There is a claim that willpower is a kind of invisible muscle that, like the rest of our muscles, needs to be trained and strengthened. It is necessary to develop such an algorithm in which our willpower could always take precedence over our laziness, fears, temptations. It must be brought up in oneself, preferably from childhood. But if this moment of your development was missed earlier, you can start now. The main thing is discipline and attitude. Next is a matter of technology. So, let’s proceed to the implementation of a set of exercises for the development of willpower.

Formation of new mental attitudes

Do not think that by developing willpower you have to give up pleasure.. Just correctly divide the concepts into «I want» and «should». Be above instinct. No, no one is telling you to give up food for the whole day or stop seeing your girlfriend. But first of all, think about higher matters. After all, only a job well done will allow you to enjoy life, eat delicious food and have fun with your loved one. Having a decent salary will provide you with a quality level of existence.

You can create a reward system. Were you able to complete a difficult task? Have you taken power into your fist? In the evening, go to your favorite cafe for dinner, free yourself from cooking at home. This will be the reward. Haven’t missed a workout in a month? Buy yourself some chocolate. Just eat it in the morning. Haven’t smoked in a month? This is an excuse to go to the cinema with friends. By the way, smoking is prohibited there.

Do not deny yourself pleasures, but also do not shirk your duties both at work and at home. And do not change the sequence — first the deed, and then the reward.


Learning to plan time is a direct path to perfection. Start not just making a plan for the day in your head, but do it in writing. If you don’t want to write, create a special file — a plan on your computer. Thus, you will not only become more self-organized, but also distribute the load more easily. Arrange tasks according to the degree of need to complete them. To do this, use one of the most effective methods. Divide them into such four parts as:

  • important and urgent;
  • urgent and unimportant;
  • unimportant but urgent;
  • non-urgent and unimportant.

Do you already know how to start tomorrow? By the way, it is better to plan it the night before. In the morning you should already be in full combat readiness, you don’t have time to decide what is important and what is urgent, and what is generally unworthy of attention.

Daily regime

Make up your own daily routine that suits you and strictly follow it. Everyone knows that people are divided into «owls» and «larks». If you find it easier to live in the morning, do all the most difficult work in the first hours of work. Look at the mail at the end of the day and strength. If in the morning you feel unimportant, sluggish for a long time, then it’s worth starting with the mail. Start more important things closer to dinner, when you have the strength.

In addition, each of us has a moment when we are not capable of anything. Do not tear the veins of your willpower. Allow yourself minutes of «doing nothing», do not confuse them with an attack of laziness. Take breaks from work.

Listen to your biological clock when willpower is on your side.

Good Habits

Habit is second nature. So let’s make it at least close to ideal. How many times do you press the alarm button in the morning. Just two? Excellent. And imagine if a daily morning run or dousing with cold water appears in the daily schedule! You yourself will not notice how it will become a habit. And then you will get up a few minutes before the alarm.

It’s like walking the dog in the morning. Try to make her wait another hour while you luxuriate in bed. Will not work. General cleaning in the corridor is provided to you. Change bad habits for good ones. Willpower will gratefully respond to your transformation. The following can be taken as an example:

  • replace daily communication in social networks with reading fiction;
  • take a cold shower every morning;
  • visit a massage parlor at least once every two weeks;
  • every day, an hour before bedtime, turn off all sources of information: phone, tablet, computer, TV;
  • eat porridge for breakfast every day.

You yourself will not notice how in a few weeks you will stop persuading yourself, all this will become a habit.


Willpower is always inside us, so experts advise you to turn to your inner self more often. This will teach you concentration, develop the ability to self-control, teach you to abstract. You yourself will not notice how you stop “losing your temper” with or without reason. Calm down and may the willpower be with you.

So, sit comfortably. The back is straight. Legs do not have to be crossed. Do meditation while sitting in a chair. The main thing is that you are comfortable. Close your eyes. But before that, turn off everything that can distract you — your phone, the sound on your computer, the TV. start doing deep breaths in and out. At the same time, accompany them with words, as at a doctor’s appointment, “inhale-exhale”, in this case you are your own doctor. After a while, breathe freely, that is, remove the soundtrack.

All unnecessary thoughts should leave you alone. And they will, trust me. If suddenly some crazy thing still flies into your head, tell her “shoo”, for this, again begin to repeat the healing “inhale-exhale”. Start doing this for 5 minutes a day. Then gradually “stretch the pleasure” up to 10, and then up to 15 minutes. This will also become a good habit. We open our eyes.


Perhaps the most famous method of self-hypnosis was told to us when the picture “I am the most charming and attractive” was released on the screen. The heroine of Irina Muravyova, repeating this phrase, turned from an ugly duckling into a wonderful swan. The method of auto-suggestion or auto-training is good because, unlike meditation, it does not require special conditions to fulfill. You can do it on the way to work, in the store, during cleaning, in line at the clinic — anywhere. Yes, and it takes a little time. However, experts recommend allocating 10-15 minutes to it every day.

Another rule says that in the statements that you will inspire yourself, there should be no denial, that is, we remove the “not” particle from our lexicon while talking with ourselves. Also, try not to use words like “root out” or “get rid of.” But the following phrases below are quite suitable:

  • I see the goal and I will definitely come to it;
  • my path will be passed by me to the end (“I will not turn off the path” will not work);
  • I will be strong in will and spirit;
  • I will reach the intended heights;
  • day by day I am stronger.

Important! Phrases should be capacious, no need to use complex adverbial phrases, for example, “I can do something”, “I will do something”. Such formulations will be quite enough to agree with oneself.

healthy eating

Remember that we are what we eat. As soon as your body weight begins to exceed the allowable one, you literally do not enter into any framework, the brain independently starts the reverse process, begins to decrease, as it were. Of course, it does not dry out in the literal sense, it just starts to think more slowly. Memory will start to fail. There is no time for willpower. Leads to the same process lack of vitamins.


We have already learned that Willpower is like a muscle. So give her a load. You don’t have to rush to the gym right away. Although this is only welcome. DTo start with, just try moving more, like walking. You do not need to occupy the parking space closest to the entrance to the office. Leave the car in a neighboring yard and walk to your favorite work on foot, and at the same time get some fresh air.

Do you travel by public transport? Do you know why you are so often sleepy in it? From lack of movement. Get off at a stop earlier than the usual one. At least sometimes walk past the elevator. Climb to the desired floor on foot. Ideally, the number of steps per day should be about ten thousand. You don’t have to count them. Pedometers are now equipped with almost every smartphone. There are also special bracelets.

They will even tell you that it’s time to get up from your chair and perform at least the simplest gesture. Go and pour yourself some water, for example. By the way, we will also talk about water a little later.

Modern helpers

Since the problem of developing willpower and self-control is quite common, it is not surprising that those involved in high technologies have turned their attention to it. Experts have developed numerous services that help a person take care of himself. Of course, they will not take you to the hairdresser, but they will be able to remind you that you must do this. We have already talked about pedometers before. There are other programs that allow you to track what you spend your time on. For example, The RescueTime time tracker will track what you do on your computer using a laptop or phone, and then give you the analyzed information.

Some then delete games from their devices. It just seems that we are not distracted by them for long. And social networks are not at all as harmless to our precious time as it seems. Or maybe you spent too much time when you looked at the match of your favorite team with one eye? The program will calculate everything. There are other applications that will help you figure out why at the end of the working day you realize that “again, we didn’t have time to do anything.” And also with the help of modern technology, you can check the quality of your sleep, measure the level of physical activity, and so on.

How to overcome obstacles?

The main enemy of our willpower is laziness. She pops up sometimes like a devil out of a snuffbox. What activates it? Don’t be afraid to look your enemy in the face. This will make it easier to deal with him. Answer yourself, what awakened in you, so able-bodied, laziness? The reasons may be different.

  • You are afraid that you will not be able to complete the task. The solution is to ask colleagues for help. Find out how you can make things easier for yourself. Finally, give up this job in favor of another.
  • You will not get any pleasure from this work. Solution — find an incentive to fulfill it (bonus, gratitude from the authorities, the opportunity to take a vacation).
  • Basically, you don’t like what you do. The solution is to change the type of activity.
  • It is physically difficult for you to complete the task. Solution — find an assistant, try to find some special devices that make the job easier. Break the case into several parts. Refuse to perform it in favor of another, if other methods are unacceptable.
  • You don’t know where to start. Solution — look at the question from all angles. Start with the most difficult, leave the less tiring and complex procedures for dessert, present them to yourself as a dessert at dinner.
  • You have set yourself an impossible task.. The solution is to lower the bar. Instead of declaring to yourself that you should lose 20 kilograms, say that losing a couple of extra pounds will be enough to start with. So the goal will become more achievable, and the result can immediately be recorded in the diary of your achievements.
  • You don’t like working conditions. The solution is to swap places with a colleague for at least one day. Maybe you do not have enough sunlight, then open the blinds. But first, try to clean up the table. Remove from it all unnecessary and distracting from the work. A cell phone is also desirable.
  • Too cold/hot/rainy/dreary for you. Solution — close / open the window. Start wearing different clothes. If everything hurts and nothing helps, see the next paragraph.
  • You’re tired. The solution is to follow the regime of work and rest. On weekends, spend time doing household chores, with children, friends, alone with yourself. Forget about working on weekends — it’s the law. Take your vacation away from home and work whenever possible.

Rid yourself of the routine for at least a few days every six months. Let laziness enjoy you to the fullest, then it will surely give way to willpower.


Here are some tips to help you not only develop willpower, but also, in principle, to feel one hundred percent.

  • water procedures. It is believed that a person should drink one and a half to two liters of water per day. That’s about eight glasses. More is possible, less is not. It is water (coffee, tea, cola, grandmother’s compote are not considered) that normalizes the work of our body, gives strength to our brain, helps to cope with excess weight. And you will also get a bonus in the form of beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Rejoice. A positively minded person will always do their job faster and better than the one who came in a bad mood. Stress can even turn off the self-control function. But, unfortunately, it is inevitable. Fortunately, you can deal with it. Relaxation is what will help you. This does not mean a glass or other red at dinner and not watching a talk show. You need to know how to relax.

To do this, do the following exercise. Lie on your back. It is best to keep your legs slightly elevated. Place a pillow under them. If you don’t like this position, take any comfortable position for you, even the frog position. Close your eyes, start breathing deeply. We recall the meditation method «inhale-exhale». 10-15 minutes in this state will help you get rid of negative thoughts much better than wine, it can only aggravate an already unimportant state. But daily practice in the prone position will help you tune in to the right wave. And it will save you from insomnia. And this is no less important than getting rid of stress.

  • All sleep. Sleep should take at least eight hours. This is exactly what our brain needs to fully relax. If you think that it was willpower that allowed you to watch the series or “cut into tanks” until three in the morning, you are mistaken. It made her absence. In the morning you will not be able to do anything intelligible.

what is it in psychology? Examples of exercises, principles and techniques of six-step reframing. Reframing of negative qualities and other types

Reframing: what it is, varieties, exercises and examples

“He went beyond what was permitted” — we hear this phrase when a person has done something contrary to generally accepted rules. But, as you know, there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes you just need to go beyond. This method of solving a problem even has a name — «reframing».

What it is?

The name comes from the English word «frame», which means «frame». From here the word reframe is formed, which in various translations sounds like “insert into the same frame”, “insert into a new frame”. In simple terms, this is «change the frame.» This method is often used in NLP. With its help, you can change the thinking or perception of an event, rethink it, change patterns.

With the help of speech strategies, psychologists can influence the orientation of the individual. The «steps» on which the specialist will go will be your behavior, complexes, fears. With the help of reframing, you can get rid of anxiety, get out of a depressive state. This is achieved thanks to the fact that a person begins to look at a traumatic or sad situation or event from a different angle.

It’s like the proverbial glass: it’s either half full or half empty.

Where is it applied?

First of all, The reframing method is widely used in psychology to relieve emotional stress, change behavior, enhance personal qualities, and unlock creative potential. To do this, psychologists force the client to look at the problem or the issue that concerns him from the other side, to find positive touches in the picture, which initially seems gloomy to a person. As a result, you will go through life with your head held high.

Reframing is often used in management as well. The method is suitable when you need a business reorganization or you want to bring it to a higher level. Thus, the forms of management are changing, qualified personnel are being found, and the potential of the team is being revealed. The method is also suitable for bringing together large groups, forming in them a sense of responsibility and devotion to the cause and the company. Reframing creates a desire to improve.

Reframing also helps in sales. An experienced seller can always persuade the buyer to change his point of view. For example, if a customer is waiting for a discount on a product, you can explain to him that your store already has the lowest price in the city. If a fan of a popular brand walks into your fledgling department, you can convince him to buy from you when you explain that the firm does not spend money on expensive advertising. This means that the product, although cheaper, is no worse than the one that produces a more famous brand.

Recently, the word “reframing” has appeared in education as well. Although they used it in this area, perhaps, always. A good teacher, who cares that the student understands the subject, will definitely offer him several options for familiarizing himself with the material.. Does your child like chemistry? And if you look at this science from the other side? Take him to a museum of entertaining sciences, for example. After he sees a demonstration of various spectacular experiments there, he is very likely to go to the next chemistry lesson in high spirits.


Reframing helps to change a person’s value system. But before using this technique, the specialist must determine what exactly worries you, and only then choose how to perform this method. There are two of them.

Context Reframing

Implies the impact of the word. The specialist will change the context of the situation that worries you. It will give it a new semantic meaning, suggest why this or that behavior is impossible or, on the contrary, is suitable in each specific case.

It will help you deal with the habits that are ruining your life.


Helps a person to see a different meaning in what is happening. The accents change in his head. Attention switches from the problem or even obsession with it to its solution.


Here are the main goals and objectives of reframing:

  • removal of anxiety;
  • behavior change;
  • ability discovery;
  • identifying opportunities.

Reappraisal of events or phenomena is possible. The main thing is to choose an effective method.

Six step method

The most famous and effective among psychologists is the option calculated on six stages or steps.

  • Step 1. We formulate and voice what worries us. We designate the problem in the form of a certain letter, number, or simply paint it in a certain color.
  • Step 2 We are trying to start a dialogue with that part of the consciousness that is responsible for this situation in life. Try to call her to account. It is important to determine how you will communicate with her, what you want to receive, whether unambiguous answers like “yes” and “no” will suffice, or you are waiting for some kind of physical sensations in the body.
  • Step 3. Ask this very part of you to tell you what it achieves with its behavior. Offer her another, more acceptable solution to the problem. If there isn’t one, ask yourself if your goal is really positive.
  • Step 4 We start a dialogue with another, creative part of ourselves. We set her the task of coming up with 3 alternative forms of behavior to achieve the goal. We transfer the received data to the part that created problems for us.
  • Step 5 We sit down at the negotiating table. We conclude a «non-aggression pact» and no longer touch the previously used methods. In the event that your subconscious mind agrees to one of the proposed options, let it begin to apply these principles. If not, promise him to return to the old scheme, but only after he still tries all the proposed ways of doing business.
  • Step 6 We are looking for enemies and allies. Ask the first part of the subconscious if there are parts of your essence in the neighborhood that want to participate in the experiment. Ask about those who are against it. Enemies need to know in person.


Cognitive reframing will help you change the way you view events that you consider negative. You will begin to relate to them more positively or even change your view of them.

Most of us tend to exaggerate. That’s why you need to learn to see the charms even in the most unpleasant. Don’t self-flagellate. Before saying that it is hopeless, try to find internal reserves, they certainly are. In the end, after the black stripe always comes the white one, our task is not to go astray under the influence of despondency. Don’t give up.


Think about what makes you angry. Try to learn how to stop her seizures. Does it piss you off that your more experienced colleagues are constantly teaching you something? Treat talking to them like free lessons. Or, on the contrary, do you get pissed off by young stupid colleagues? So try to treat them like your little children — sooner or later they will be grateful to you for the lessons. Anger is not the best helper. Change it to mercy by changing your attitude to what is happening.


Try to think logically. No need to substitute concepts, just find more positive explanations for them. For example, you are tired of endless business trips, but you managed to read so much on the road! Or you often change the situation, but this is good for the psyche, you are practically freed from household chores, you do not need to cook dinner.

Even if what happened to you is terrifying and it is impossible to find any positive moments in this, remember that this experience will definitely come in handy for you in the future.


Positive reframing is used to inspire optimism in a person. It will help a person who has lost meaning in life to find goals and go towards them. Here one should replace one concept with another. For example, treat a problem as an opportunity to change something.

Find words to tame your unwillingness or inability to achieve anything. Instead of “I have to,” say to yourself “I want,” instead of “I really hope” — “I know for sure”, instead of “oh, horror” — “this is a chance to get a new experience”, and so on.

Method of negative qualities

Many of us may feel that we are a whole bunch of problems, and all because we are not able to cope with some of our own character traits or some habits. Try to look at them differently. If you think that you are too demanding of yourself and others, then you may have set the bar too high and do not want to lower it.

Do you think that you are too dry and emotionally stingy in relation to loved ones? But it may also be that you give them something more when you take the whole company to nature or buy your daughter a doll that she so dreamed of. You just do not say, but do, and this expresses your feelings much more than just words. Now you have already begun to smile, which means that reframing is working.


If you decide to reframe the organization, then remember that you will have to overcome not only your fears and concerns. You have to defend your point of view in front of the team. So, stock up on words that will make even the most violent opponents of reforms assistants and allies. Name people first the positive changes that await them, and only then move on to what will have to be done for this and what will have to be lost.


There are a lot of techniques showing how you can change your attitude to the situation and to yourself. Here are just a few of them.

«I’m too…»

This exercise can be performed without the help of a specialist. Take a piece of paper and write down 5 of your qualities that seem negative to you. Each one starts with the words «I’m too.» For example, «I’m too greedy», «I’m too cranky», «I’m too boring», «I eat too much», «I’m too serious». Now let’s look at these qualities of yours in a different way.

Enter the result in the next column. You are not greedy, but economical, therefore, unlike your neighbor, you never borrow money before salary. You are not capricious, but demanding, and as a result you always get what you want. You do not eat much, but tasty and healthy and you have no problems with appetite, as well as with sleep, by the way. You are not so much serious as ambitious and purposeful. Therefore, you do everything on time, unlike most of your colleagues.

«Black White»

This exercise can be performed independently, but it is better to organize such a game in a company of several people. The task of everyone is to come up with a positive epithet for a person who is initially characterized negatively. For example, a «bore» does not waste time in vain, clearly follows his goal, knows how to resist temptations. “Arrogant” is a person who knows his own worth, experienced, and therefore has the right to give advice, a person who has achieved a lot in life.

The more minuses you can turn into pluses, the more positive your mood in life will be.


To do this exercise you need at least two people. One says some unpleasant word to the other, the task of the second is to quickly put him in his place. For example, you were called fat. Your answer is “but men like curvy shapes.” Or you hear that you are lazy. The answer may be the following: “but I don’t know what fatigue is.”


Let’s look at a few examples of how to apply reframing in your own life.

  • Your boss is too demanding. You are afraid of every conversation with him. Look at it the other way: consider your leader as your mentor, who, like a teacher at school, strives to ensure that you get the maximum amount of knowledge.
  • You have stayed in one place while your colleagues are running up the career ladder. But you do not stay up late at work, and spend the weekend with your family.
  • Even you yourself call your children robbers. They don’t sit still for a minute. But they are unlikely to ever have complexes, they are not threatened with excess weight, they are more developed. And you help to get it.

How to make yourself work? What to do if there is no strength and mood? How to return the desire to work after a vacation and achieve results?

How to make yourself work?

We all know the state when not only the soul, but also the little finger of the left hand does not want to do anything. Why this happens and how to force yourself to work in the end — our article will tell about this.

Why don’t you want to work?

There are several reasons for this reluctance. The most common is that you are just tired. When was the last time you were on vacation? Maybe it’s time to write a statement.

No money to travel south? No problem. Spend a vacation in your hometown, go to the theater or cinema, visit museums, go to your grandmother in the village. Walk through the forest there. Buy a ticket in installments. There are a lot of options, there would be a desire. Most importantly, do not ignore your right to rest.

Don’t forget about the weekend too. They need to be carried out with the mind, and better — without it. Leave all work questions in the office, lock them there with a key, like secret documents in a safe. Stop thinking about your favorite or least favorite work outside of it, especially taking it home. The same, by the way, with household chores. Leave them in their rightful place too.

If at home you think about work, and at work that you didn’t have time to do the cleaning, you will soon realize that you simply don’t have the strength. Be able not only to work, but also to have a rest.

The second reason is less banal, but just as common. You have returned to work after a vacation or a day off and cannot catch the working rhythm in any way. The advice is the same — leave the memories at home.

Come back in the evening and look again at the photos brought from a warm country. This will add to your mood. But if you start constantly thinking about how good it was there and how dreary it was here at the workplace, you are guaranteed an attack of apathy.

Another tip – start planning your next vacation as soon as you have returned from the previous one. The very fact that you will look through various offers of travel companies, choose a country, time, study prices, will add optimism.

The third reason is not banal and not very common. You are not minding your own business. Every time you cross the threshold of the office, you already dream of leaving it. So, maybe it’s time to change the field of activity? Run away from the job you hate. Otherwise, depression will be at hand.

The fourth reason is not at all banal, although it is very common. You are not appreciated at work. Your salary is barely enough to make ends meet, although you work conscientiously and even do it overtime. Run where your eyes look. Take a look at job sites. Any work must be adequately paid.

Reason five — you are not in the mood, something is bothering you. They broke up with a loved one, the child again brought a deuce, the parents fell ill. Take a vacation, a day off, solve problems and return to work full of strength and energy, with a sense of fulfilled family, parental or friendly duty.

Reason six — you were attacked by an attack of laziness. Find out who opened the door for her. This is probably one of the above reasons.

What needs to be done?

Forcing yourself to do something is sometimes difficult, even if everything seems to be in order at first glance. And this applies not only to employees, but also to the heads of large companies, and housewives, finally. How many times did you put down the rag last Sunday? It is really difficult or even impossible to spend every day actively and achieve results. Arrange yourself sometimes «unloading» days.

If not the whole day, then at least some part of it, spend doing nothing. Just lie down on your favorite couch. Turn on your favorite music, stay alone with it. Do not think about anything, and even more so do not try to find ways to solve a particular problem. Relax and enjoy life.

Pulled into a dream — do not even try to wake up. Your body thus gives a signal that it needs rest in order to continue to serve you faithfully. So answer his request. He rarely refuses you.

Change of location

The office is noisy, hot/cold. Grab your laptop and head to the next room where you can open/close the window. Isn’t there one? Go to a quiet cafe around the corner if your boss doesn’t mind. At least for a while, change your workplace. Give your eyes a rest from the same picture.

Finally, just walk around the office. 15 minutes — and you are cheerful. Get back to the office and get to work.

Temporary standards

Your phone is bursting with the flow of information, new messages appear on social networks every now and then, a colleague again calls for a smoke break. There is simply no time left for work. Stop. Stop and focus solely on your direct duties.

Don’t go completely into them. Just designate a time frame for yourself, which you use to the fullest extent possible to complete a particular task. There is a well-known method — «tomato». Set a timer for 25 minutes and work hard the whole time. Phone, fax, social networks are not available for you at this time. And now you have already completed what your hands did not reach from the very morning.

The method was invented by an Italian student, Francesco Cirillo, when he realized that with all his efforts and zeal for studying, he could not cope with preparing for exams. He took a kitchen timer made in the form of a tomato (hence the name of the method, by the way), started it for 25 minutes, and all this time he was only studying. Soon his business took off.

After the «tomato» session, be sure to take a break. Let yourself be fueled by a few minutes of rest every hour.

Workplace cleaning

Tidy up your desktop. It seems to you that everything is fine with you, the main thing is that everything is at hand. How many minutes did you look for a pencil an hour ago? Remove from the table everything unnecessary and distracting from work. Vacation photos first. Free space will give you creative freedom.

It is impossible to work in a mess, sooner or later it will be transferred to your head, no matter how bright it may be.

other methods

In order to cope with the surging laziness, you can use less radical methods than those described earlier.

  • If your task seems too complicated, try breaking it up into several parts. Perhaps you need to ask colleagues for help or just digress from this topic for a while. Do another job first, then come back to this one again.
  • If you can’t force yourself to start, remember what awaits you at the end of the path. Perhaps this is a bonus, gratitude from the authorities, respect from colleagues, self-esteem, finally. Nothing? Everything is as usual? Then promise yourself a chocolate bar. Motivate yourself to work.
  • Always try to get the hardest and most frustrating part of the job done in the morning. Leave the rest for dessert, let it be «dessert».
  • Plan your work day in advance. Make it a rule in the evening to make a to-do list for tomorrow. In this way, you will not only structure your day, but also understand what things can be postponed or delegated to someone. Remember to leave time in your schedule for unforeseen temporary expenses. An urgent task from the authorities, a call from the school from the child — you will have time for everything, you have a plan.


In a healthy body, not only a healthy mind, but also a desire to work, so the recommendations are as follows.

  • Be outdoors more often. Is it not possible to find an hour for walks in the park every day? And no time to run? Start at least with the fact that on the way home from work and/or vice versa, walk one stop and only then get on the bus. Do you have a private car? Leave the car not under the windows of the office, but on the next street. Our brain needs to get oxygen; without it, it “dries out” and refuses to work.
  • Go in for sports. Physical exercise also provides oxygen to our brain. Find time at least for light exercises, or better yet, sign up for a gym, because you probably have it on your way home from work. One hour of classes there is much better than 60 minutes of watching TV.
  • Don’t overeat. On a full stomach, of course, it is better to think, but not on an overloaded one. Try to eat right. You don’t need to exclude fatty, floury and sweet things at all, unless, of course, your state of health requires it, but you should limit yourself to “sweets”. Include more greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vitamins, by the way, are also welcome and are displayed on performance.
  • Drink more water. 1.5-2 liters per day. Not tea or coffee, but water. Only this life-giving moisture can help our body work smoothly.
  • Avoid stress and negative emotions. Something went wrong? Look at the situation from the other side. Find the positives. Know how to abstract and take care of your nerves.
  • Sleep at least 8-9 hours in a row. Exactly so much is needed for our body and brain to fully recover and be ready for new achievements.
  • At least sometimes do «THAT» of your body. Get a medical checkup from time to time. Remember — the disease is easier to defeat at the initial stage, then it will take much more time and money than a preventive visit to the doctor.

If you follow all of these recommendations, or at least some of them, then bouts of laziness will begin to appear in you less and less. Remember that patience and work will grind everything, and rest will help them in this.